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Scrap Guide

  • Scrap Metal

    Scrap metal is a term for waste made from one or more types of metal.

    In Cologne, MKR Rothenbücher GmbH deals in scrap metals such as non-ferrous metal, scrap iron, cable scrap, copper scrap, and other types.

    Non-ferrous Metal

    Previously, the term "Buntmetalle" referred to copper and copper alloy, as opposed to white metals such as zinc and tin. Today, all non-ferrous metal fall under the same category, including copper, lead, tin, brass, aluminium, and zinc.

    Scrap Iron

    Scrap iron can be divided roughly into steel scrap, foundry scrap, stainless steel scrap, and used metals such as structural steel, steel beams and steel sheets.

    In the steel industry, the scrap iron is melted down and pressed into packets. Particular smelting processes, such as the LD process, involve adding iron scrap being into the molten metal in order to cool it.


    Cable consists of a conductor (in most cases copper or aluminium) and an insulating sheath (mostly synthetic material). Cable is used in the electrical and information technology industries. As cable is often designed to be used once only, and copper is such a valuable commodity, copper recycling is becoming more and more meaningful.

    Cable Scrap

    Cable scrap is crushed in cutting mills and separated through air sifting into pieces of copper and plastic granulate.


    Copper is a relatively soft metal and is well suited to the production of cable due to its high conductivity and good formability. Pipes, boilers, fittings, and coins are also produced from copper.

    Copper Scrap

    Copper scrap is traded in grades: (non-exhaustive list)

    • Hard copper
    • Copper granulate
    • Copper wire without insulation
    • Copper joints/lobes (copper ingots, copper bars, and copper blocks)
    • Copper candy (copper pipes, copper sheets, and round copper rods
    • Copper berry (runs of copper cable)
    • Copper millberry (copper from cables)
    • Pure Copper (>95% copper)


    In the recycling field, the following metals and metal alloys play a predominant role:


    • iron
      • steel
      • steel alloys (V2A, V4A ...)
      • cast steel
    • aluminium
    • copper
    • brass
    • lead
    • bronze
    • zinc

    Metal Scrap

    Metal scrap is further divided into iron scrap and non-ferrous metal scrap.

    Non-ferrous metal scrap includes

    • aluminium scrap
    • copper scrap
    • brass scrap
    • VA scrap
    • lead scrap
    • zinc scrap


    Scrap metal in Cologne

    MKR Rothenbücher GmbH in Cologne deals in all types of metal scrap.



    Scrap is defined as objects made of metallic materials that are no longer being used.

    As metals can be recycled, scrap is considered to be valuable raw material rather than waste.

    Scrap metal in Cologne
    MKR Rothenbücher GmbH in Cologne deals in all types of scrap metal (scrap metal und iron scrap) from small deliverers, collection points and scrap dealers, and has good conditions for each group.

    Scrap is offered for sale in standard qualities and grades.

    Scrap Disposal

    From the owner's point of view, scrap is waste that must be disposed. However, scrap metal and cable scrap contain valuable raw materials, and as such, a professional scrap disposal process is preferable, in which recyclable raw materials can be separated from each other and from the non-recyclable waste.

    Scrap Dealers

    Scrap dealers are most likely associated first and foremost with "old cars". However, a scrap dealer's responsibilities are significantly broader and partly specialised, for example the trade and recycling of cable scrap. Everything that contains metal and is no longer being used belongs in the hands of a scrap dealer.

    Your scrap dealer in Cologne
    MKR Rothenbücher GmbH, Geestemünder Str. 34 in 50735 Cologne purchases all types of scrap metal and iron scrap.

    Scrap Trade

    Scrap trade occurs in several steps, beginning with scrap collection. Afterwards, the scrap is passed on to other scrap dealers with machines according to company size and facilities. The machines separate, sort, and process the scrap further, in order to extract renewable raw materials.

    Scrap trade in Cologne
    MKR Rothenbücher GmbH, Geestemünder Str. 34 in 50735 Cologne purchases all types of scrap metal and iron scrap.


    Scrap Yard

    The scrap yard is used to collect and sort scrap in its different forms. In the scrap yard, scrap is cleaned and sorted according to its components and form. Especially in the case of scrap vehicles, the process separates recyclable parts of the same form (motor, transmission, alternator, etc.) from the non-recyclable waste, which is subsequently pressed into compact packets using the scrap baler.

    Scrap Yard in Cologne
    MKR Rothenbücher GmbH operates its scrap yard at Geestemünder Str. 34 in 50735 Cologne.