We specialise in the dismantling of CU cable scrap.

In our very own cable shredding facility, copper cable is separated from its casing. We produce different grades of unmixed copper granulate and usable plastic granulate as products.

We offer attractive conditions for the reworking of your cable scrap.

We have operated for more than 60 years as a link between scrap metal collection points and the processing industry that recycles this material.


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We are members of:

Verein Deutscher Metallhändler e.V. (VDM)

> www.metallhandel-online.com

Entsorgergemeinschaft der Deutschen Stahl- und NE-Metall-Recycling-Wirtschaft e.V. (ESN)

> www.esn-info.de

Qualitätsgemeinschaft Kabelzerleger

> www.kabelzerleger.de

Bureau of International Recycling (Gold Member) BIR

> www.bir.org